Helpful Information for Choosing the Right Education Support

In times of uncertainty, we need to have a plan.

With all of the changes to how the world can function, it’s put a lot of people at a crossroads. Laws are changing, we’re fearful of putting our families at risk, and those in government can’t seem to make up their minds on the best way to handle all of this – but what does that mean for our schools? Parents need answers.

Will my kid(s) go back to school on time?

Even with the usual start date for most schools imminent, many school districts my still adapt the current decision on scheduling. Inevitable future outbreaks and shirting State mandates will likely resurrect the whole conversation repeatedly! We’re currently building a resource in this site to help you find and plan for your kid(s) school district. In the meantime, let us know which school district your kid(s) go to and we’ll be sure to add the information here.

What alternative schooling options are available for my kid(s)?

Public school, charter schools, private schools, online charter schools, cyber schools… there’s so many options – which is best for your and your kid(s)? We’ve prepared a FREE comparison to help guide you on your decision.

How can my kids go to cyber school when I have to work full-time?

Many parents, now more than ever, are considering online or cyber school as a better option than having their kid(s) go to a physical school building where there are large groups of students and adults alike in the same space. Despite that, it may not seem feasible leaving your kid(s) at home or to be at home with them through the day when you have to be at work. Sound like you? We may be able to help!